• New Zealand

New Zealand is the youngest country on earth – the last major landmass to be discovered. New Zealand is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,600 kilometres (995 miles) south-east of Australia.

New Zealand’s economy is heavily dependent on overseas trade, mainly agricultural exports to UK and Asia. Besides agriculture and manufacturing, industries that have become increasingly significant in New Zealand include food processing, wood and paper products, textiles, machinery, transportation equipment, banking and insurance, tourism and mining.The dynamic economy growth has boosted real incomes, broadened and deepened the technological capabilities of the industrial sector, and contained inflationary pressures.

Business/Career Opportunity

  • The politically stable environment is conducive for business investments.
  • Competitive job market despite a comparatively low unemployment rate

Quality of Life

  • Good balance between work and family life
  • Unique social tolerance, a genuine lack of prejudice and a willingness to judge people on their merit, all stemming from a firm belief in social equality
  • Besides dramatic scenic contrasts and unique outdoor opportunities, there is also has a thriving cultural life
  • Peaceful environment


  • Schooling is free at state (government-funded) schools until the age of 19, or 21 for special education students with disabilities
  • Student allowances are available for New Zealand students aged 18 years and over who are studying in recognised full-time tertiary courses. Students who hold permanent resident status must have held it for at least 2 years before they can access the Student Allowance Scheme, which is means-tested
  • In addition, all students of state tertiary institutions, even those receiving student allowances, can apply for a government-funded student loan.
  • Student loans are interest free until students start work

Health Care

  • Comprehensive lifelong medical care is available to everyone. Under New Zealand’s public health system, all essential hospital treatment is free to all residents

Social Benefits

  • Family Assistance is financial help for low- to middle-income families with children who are 18 years or younger who are living at home and are not financially independent.
  • All employers and employees have employment agreements even if conditions have not been discussed in detail and are not in writing.
  • Social welfare system prevents extreme poverty.
  • Little or no class system or major social tensions.

Flexible Time Frame

  • There is no need to relocate immediately upon receiving PR status
  • Residence Visa:
    • A Residence Visa is normally valid for one year and is for a single entry. You must use this visa before its expiry in order to activate your resident status. This visa allows you to travel to New Zealand and be granted a Residence Permit on arrival
  • Residence Permit:
    • A Residence Permit allows you to reside in New Zealand for an indefinite period. However, this permit will expire once you leave New Zealand.
    • If you wish to leave New Zealand temporarily after taking up residence, you must have a valid Returning Residence Visa in your passport to ensure your re-entry into New Zealand. You will be issued your first Returning Resident Visa when residence is approved.
  • Skilled Migration Visas
  • Entrepreneur Visas
  • Investor Visas

The list of jobs in demand in New Zealand are listed in two lists:-

Long Term Skill Shortage List and NZ Immediate Skill Shortage List.

Long Term Skill Shortage List

Occupational Group

Agriculture & Foresty



Finance / Business

Health and Social Services

ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications

Recreation, Hospitality and Tourism





Forest Scientist

Construction Project Manager (Roading and Infrastructure)

Project Builder ((including Building Project Manager and Site Foreman)

Quantity Surveyor


Chemical Engineer

Materials Engineer

Civil Engineer

Geotechnical Engineer

Structural Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Electronics Engineer

Industrial Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Production or Plant Engineer

Petroleum Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Engineering Professionals nec

Civil Engineering Technician

Electrical Engineering Technician

Electronic Engineering Technician

Procurement Manager


Clinical Psychologist

Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist

General Practitioner

Medical Radiation Therapist

Medical Laboratory Scientist – including Cytotechnologist (Cytoscientist)

Registered Nurse (Aged Care)

Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)

Registered Nurse (Medical)

Registered Nurse (Perioperative)

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist


Physicist (Medical)



Renal Medicine Specialist

Social Worker


Specialist Physician in Palliative Medicine

Surgeon (General)


Multimedia Specialist (Film Animator)

ICT Project Manager

Organisation and Methods Analyst

ICT Business Analyst

Systems Analyst

Multimedia Specialist

Web Developer

Analyst Programmer

Developer Programmer

Software Engineer

Software Tester

Software and Applications Programmers nec

Database Administrator

ICT Security Specialist

Systems Administrator

Computer Network and Systems Engineer

Network Administrator

ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

ICT Support Engineer

ICT Systems Test Engineer

ICT Support and Test Engineers nec

Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications Network Engineer

ICT Customer Support Officer (Technical advice and Consultancy)


Other Spatial Scientist

Environmental Research Scientist

Food Technologist

Statistician (Fisheries Modeller)

Automotive Electrician

Diesel Motor Mechanic (including Heavy Vehicle Inspector)

Electrician (General)

Electric Line Mechanic

Ship’s Officer

Ship’s Engineer

Ship’s Master

Immediate Skill Shortage List

Occupational Group

Agriculture and Forestry




Finance / Business

Health and Social Services

Oil and Gas

Recreation, Hospitality and Tourism






Beef Cattle Farmer (Farm Manager)

Dairy Cattle Farmer (Farm Manager)

Dairy Cattle Farmer (Assistant Farm Manager)

Beef Cattle Farmer (Herd Manager)

Dairy Cattle Farmer (Herd Manager)

Beef Cattle Farmer (Assistant Herd Manager)

Dairy Cattle Farmer (Assistant Herd Manager)

Poultry Farmer

Market Gardener (Crop Production/ Agronomist Manager)

Pig Farmer (Farm Manager)

Pig Farmer (Stock/Herd Manager)

Pig Farmer (Department/Unit Manager)

Winemaker (Viticulturist/ Specialist positions – not pickers)

Building Inspector/Building Surveyor

Construction Project Manager (Foreman) (Roading and Infrastructure)

Surveying Technician (Spatial Science Technician/ Hydrographic Technician)

Surveying Technician (Spatial Science Technician/ Land Surveyor’s Technician)

Post-Doctoral Fellow

University Lecturer

Civil Engineering Draughtsperson

Electrical Engineering Draughtsperson

Mechanical Engineering Draughtsperson

Mechanical Engineering Technician


Anaesthetic Technician

Dental Technician


Medical Laboratory Technician (Phlebotomy and Histology Technicians)

Registered Nurse (Mental Health)

Resident Medical Officer (excluding First and Second Year Resident Medical Officers)

Specialist Physician (General Medicine)




Specialist Physicians nec

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Emergency Medicine Specialist


Medical Practitioners nec

Medical Technicians nec (Dialysis Technician)

Pharmacy Technician

Photographer (Medical Photographer – Health Services)

Chemical Plant Operator

Gas or Petroleum Operator


Geophysicist and Petrophysicist

Occupational Health and Safety Advisor

Production Manager

Safety Inspector

Horse Trainer (Stallion Master)

Horse Trainer (Stud Groom)


Jockey (Trackwork Rider)

Outdoor Adventure Guide (Skydive Tandem Master)

Snowsport Instructor

Snowsport Instructor (including Technicians)

Chemist (including Analytical Chemist)


Electronic Equipment Trades Worker

Flat Weaving Specialist/Technologist

Motor Mechanic (General) (Automotive Air Conditioning Technician)

Metal Casting Trades Worker (Foundry Moulder)

Metal Machinist (First Class) (CNC Machinist)

Plastics Technician

Plastics Technician (Plastics Engineer)