Our Services

We provide comprehensive services

  • Free initial no-obligation assessment
  • Migration application summary overview
  • Comprehensive visa advice with realistic time frames
  • Professional opinions based on current immigration laws
  • Immediate notification of any crucial issue on your case
  • Further advice on your destination country, and any other guidance required
  • Assistance with your employment, accommodation and other relocation matters

The Process

  • Assign specialist to manage the whole process
  • Research and determine the exact requirements
  • Formulate a strategy to maximise probability of success within the requested timeframe
  • Develop and deliver a customised solution
  • Assist with document notarizations, authentications, and legalizations
  • Assist with obtaining alternative documentary evidence if required documents are not available
  • Monitor changes in immigration laws and processes and update clients
  • Monitor progress of each case to ensure deadlines are met and that the visas are issued without delay

Assessment & Application Process

  • Assess your profile to determine the most appropriate immigration path consistent with your objectives.
  • Advise and assist with collation of the necessary supporting documents.
  • Complete permanent residence application.
  • Submit the application on your behalf.
  • Present the merits of each application in a way which is tailored to the country’s Immigration laws, rules and regulations.
  • Follow up on queries from the Immigration Authority and keep you fully informed of the process.
Why OCSC Global?

Professionals in OCSC Global will review and assess your eligibility to apply for the various categories of visa and permits.

Free Assessment 

Besides giving you a FREE initial realistic assessment, we also provide a detailed skill comparison to the standard of the country of your interest to determine your chance of PR approval. No Obligations!


We bring more than 15 years of migration experience in serving every individual application to save you time and you can have a peace of mind knowing that your application is being taken care of for you.

Highly Qualified Experts

Our team of experienced and dedicated immigration consultants offer you professional and personalised services.


A complete and accurate portrayal of your case will be prepared together with a legal submission that will present to the authorities how your credentials and personal information satisfy each and every visa criteria needed.


We channel all resources in helping our client obtain the relevant visa and settlement service into their new home.